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Shoulder Dislocation

Information of Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation A dislocated shoulder happens when the upper arm bone (humerus) slips out of the cup-shaped socket (glenoid) in the shoulder blade. Because of its remarkable mobility, the shoulder is prone to such dislocations. These injuries may cause tears in the glenoid labrum or bone damage in the shoulder, leading to recurring instability.

Treatment for Shoulder Dislocation

In treating a shoulder dislocation, immediate action is crucial, with the primary goal being to realign the shoulder joint and restore arm function. This often involves a procedure called closed reduction, typically performed in an emergency room setting, where sedatives and pain medications are administered for comfort. Following reduction, the shoulder is immobilized with a sling to promote healing and prevent further injury.

Post-reduction, a physician may recommend imaging tests like CT scans or MRIs to assess the extent of damage and determine the need for surgery. Nonsurgical approaches may include icing, pain medications, and physical therapy to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, and restore shoulder mobility and strength. Rehabilitation exercises, starting with gentle muscle toning and progressing to weight training, aid in long-term recovery and may help prevent future dislocations.

In cases where the shoulder remains unstable or multiple dislocations occur, surgical intervention may be necessary to address ligament or labrum damage, bone gaps, or instability. Surgical options vary depending on the severity of the injury and individual factors, with considerations for potential stiffness post-surgery. Physical therapy post-surgery is essential for restoring range of motion and optimizing shoulder function.

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