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Labrum Tears

Information on Labrum Tears

The labrum is a crucial ring of cartilage that encircles and strengthens the ball-and-socket joint in the shoulder. Among the most prevalent symptoms of labrum tears are shoulder pain, instability, and occasionally a sensation of grinding, locking, or catching during shoulder movement. Two common types of labral injuries include the SLAP tear and Bankart tear, typically marked by persistent pain and challenges in performing regular shoulder activities.

Treatment for Labrum Tears

While awaiting a definitive diagnosis, your doctor may suggest anti-inflammatory medication and rest to alleviate symptoms. Additionally, they may advise rehabilitation exercises targeting the strengthening of rotator cuff muscles. Often, nonsurgical approaches prove successful in symptom relief and facilitating the healing of injured structures. However, if these methods prove inadequate or symptoms persist, surgical intervention may be recommended by your doctor.

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